Markit Securities Finance Data
Gain insight into the market of security lending — valuable tool for understanding market efficiency and limits to arbitrage

Markit Credit Indices data
Global credit default swap indices covering loans, corporate, municipal and sovereign debt across Europe, Asia, North America and Emerging Markets

Markit CDS data
Used by more than 300 firms for mark-to-market, Markit provides high quality CDS pricing data including CDS composite and contributor level data on approximately 3,000 individual entities. Markit receives contributed CDS data from market makers from their official books and records.

Markit RED
Markit RED is the central source of CDS reference data; enabling counterparties to rapidly agree on transactions and to have confidence in the integrity of the underlying reference data. Markit RED CDS provides verified reference data to the credit derivatives market. Confirming CDS trades with accurate data is essential for managing risk and maintaining operational efficiency in the market.

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