Data you can trust. Information you can access. Serving over 400 institutions globally, WRDS specializes in data management, infrastructure, and research support to ensure the global financial community has the knowledge it needs to succeed.

Data on WRDS

WRDS hosts an extensive collection of databases and computing resources covering financial, economic and marketing disciplines. Our subscribers – from Harvard University to the Securities and Exchange Commission – demand 100% reliability and exceptionally fast results. They rely on WRDS to handle the level of analysis and financial modeling required by leading businesses today.

Working with multiple vendors, we provide the broadest collection of data and most robust computing infrastructure to give users the power to analyze complex information at speeds of up to 400MB per second.

But data is only part of the story.

Trust, accessibility and client support come together with WRDS to create the most robust, integrated research system in the world.

Our business is data storage, management and access for clients who demand verified knowledge that’s backed by the credibility and leadership of the Wharton School.

  • 250+ terabytes, data agnostic – multiple databases giving clients full choice of information and search functions
  • Reliable infrastructure – data loaded, updated and managed by professionals in state-of-the art systems
  • Rigorous data review and validation by top-tier academics and experts
  • Exceptional research support

Data sources include S&P Global Market Intelligence, NYSE, CRSP, Markit, FactSet, and Thomson Reuters. For a full list of available databases click here.

Multiple Delivery Options

Data is worthless if it’s inaccessible. WRDS provides clients with seamless access to 250+ terabytes of data through three access methods. No other data management system offers these flexible delivery options.

  1. Web interface that works wherever you do. Research one firm or several hundred firms simultaneously.
  2. WRDS Cloud allows for on-demand access to unique infrastructure producing results with greater proficiency vastly shorter processing periods.
  3. PC SAS Connect. The power of a Unix system in a familiar Windows environment.
  4. C, Stata, Matlab, R, Python, SAS

WRDS makes the world’s most reliable and referenced data sets easily available in a consistent format, allowing clients to search faster and more effectively.

  • Easy to access and navigate
  • Multiple, client-focused data delivery options
  • Groundbreaking WRDS Cloud for complex, integrated research
  • Efficient, fast search and analysis
  • Doctoral-level research and technical support


The WRDS Analytics team gives our clients the confidence to tailor research within complex databases and create a wide range of data models including Portfolio Construction & Benchmarks, Event Studies, Returns and Market-to-Book Ratios and Momentum.

More importantly, WRDS replicates existing research to ensure the accuracy and reliability of existing data models – giving clients’ confidence in their data results.

Our programmers’ deep knowledge of database functionality allows us to create and then share established code with clients so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel on common queries.

WRDS Analytics provides the deep knowledge and technical expertise to help you navigate essential information and create data models that work.

  • World-class database and technical expertise
  • Flexible, client-centered support
  • Reliable solutions for complex data
  • Existing code for faster, easier research

Research Support

The WRDS Support Team of doctoral-level and IT Specialists answer all questions relating to research and data. Our staff is deeply knowledgeable about our customized, trademarked analytics and tools, helping clients navigate their research accurately and efficiently. WRDS provides clients with the best customer support in the industry. We have earned a reputation for exceptional support that distinguishes us from other data providers. Offering guides and tools geared toward users at all experience levels. We have a multitude of documentation – data overviews, vendor manuals, release notes, research guides, to get you started.

Not only that, WRDS offers video tutorials about our datasets, programming techniques, and user tips from our Research team. We also provide one-on-one support from a team of researchers and technical specialists. If you are looking for basic information or have technical questions about research programming.

  • Dedicated client support by doctoral-level professionals
  • Expert staff with extensive research and analysis experience

Consulting Services

WRDS Consulting services draw on the extensive experience of our doctoral-level researchers to help you gain critical insights from today’s complex business and financial fields.

Our methodology combines the industry’s most respected scholars and researchers, advanced analytics and global data services to provide your organization with an extensive set of financial solutions.

  • The capacity to develop financial algorithms – from simple benchmarking to complex valuations and back-testing
  • Expertise in proprietary data loading and integration – combining client data securely with commercial data subscriptions