WRDS provides a free Trial of the S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot Database

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is pleased to announce the addition of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot data to its already robust data offerings.

WRDS subscribers have been provided with a free trial of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot database.  Access began on November 13 and contains a limited date range for 100 of the largest global companies.

Relied on by over 30,000 users in 31 countries, WRDS is continually expanding its data offerings and capacities to fully serve the growing and increasingly complex financial data sectors.

The addition of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot ensures our clients have the latest data, complex analysis functions and doctoral-level support needed to make informed business and research decisions.

S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot data enables users to view data over time for historical perspective or related to a specific date for a “snapshot” in financial history.

Conduct historical analysis and backtest investment theories

Minimize reporting lag assumptions and look-ahead bias

U.S. and Canada

S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot provides historically reported preliminary and final data known for annual and quarterly, while retaining original values and all succeeding changes.

The data identifies, manages and tracks changes at the data element level on a daily basis, for all of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat accounting and identifying information.

WRDS enables users to extract any quarterly or annual snapshot of the data, at any point-in-time frequency, in a very easy and intuitive interface.

Point-In-Time Coverage from 1988-present

Academic or commercial user who aims to conduct accurate historical analysis and accomplish hindsight-bias-free backtesting while minimizing reporting lag assumptions.

Why S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot?

  • Execute deep, historical company analysis with unrivaled historical fundamental data
  • Access extensive market data including historical daily and monthly prices, dividends
  • Achieve accurate, comparable results with high quality, standardized data
  • Complete S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat fundamental data history
  • Contains all values obtained in data collection process: preliminary, originally reported, and reclassified/restated values
  • Contains all periodicity: Annual, Quarterly and YTD, Weekly (1987-2008) and intraday (2008+) snapshot frequency
  • Backtesting to re-create historical investment scenarios, with greater options for more
  • Conduct factor research to test ideas about stock attributes that drive stock performance
  • Integrate S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat data, including S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot, with other data sets in a time series format
  • Queries run faster and more efficiently

For Subscription or Pricing Information

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