Visit WRDS and Markit at the 2013 FMA (Financial Management Association) Conference


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), the gold standard business intelligence tool relied on by over 30,000 users in 31 countries will welcome data vendor partner, Markit, to its booth at the Financial Management Association Conference, October 17-18, Chicago Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL.

Visit Booth #10 to learn more about the Markit Securities Finance Data and register to win an iPad mini!

This global, daily dataset provides short interest, borrow costs and institutional fund flows amongst its 60+ data points, covering 20,000+ Equities and 200,000+ Bonds. It’s utilized within academic institutions for research papers, classroom teaching, powering up finance labs and making investment decisions for student managed funds. Learn more about Markit Securities Finance.

WRDS currently hosts Markit’s CDS data. With Markit CDS, researchers access history and daily pricing information on more than 10,500 composite curves covering 2,800 CDS entities. Markit’s CDS data is used throughout the derivatives industry for price discovery, valuation and risk management.

Be sure to stop by the WRDS booth to meet Markit’s Stephen King and David Del Zotto and learn more about the Securities Finance Data, as well as trends at top research institutions. The addition of new datasets is a part of WRDS’ continued growth in data offerings.


Securities Finance data offers academic institutions:

Research: Used by faculty and students to write research papers with abstracts based on securities lending and much more.
Classroom: Used to teach finance courses such as value investing, stock picking, etc.
Finance Labs: Data is available through 3rd party terminals such as Bloomberg, FactSet, CapitalIQ.
Student Managed Investment Funds: Used for students’ investment process just as money managing/hedge fund clients do.

Portfolio managers, analysts, and traders at buy side firms use Markit’s proprietary data to:

Benchmark Security Lending Programs: Time series analysis to evaluate performance against the market and peers from a macro to security level.
Gain Market Sentiment Insight: Generate ideas through price discovery, market shares (less of security available, higher fees) and finessing entry/exit points.
Manage Risk Exposure: Monitor recalls, concentration risk and short squeezes.
Improve Investment Insight: Analyze long and short fund flow to support decisions and identify turning points.
Keep Prime Brokers Honest: Access wholesale and retail rates and knowledge about availability of shares to be borrowed on the street from all major Prime Brokers at one time.

For more information about available data through WRDS, please contact [email protected]