The Wharton School and S&P Capital IQ Provide Compustat’s Snapshot Data Via WRDS

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), the leading comprehensive, internet-based data research service is pleased to announce its expanded partnership with S&P Capital IQ, a leading provider of multi-asset class data, research and analytics, following the release of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot database. WRDS, a part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, provides instant access to over 200 terabytes of data across Finance, Marketing, and Economic disciplines, making it the gold standard business intelligence tool for over 30,000 users in 31 countries.

WRDS continues to expand its data offerings and capacities to fully serve the growing and increasingly complex financial data sectors. The addition of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot ensures WRDS clients have the latest data and complex analysis functions needed to make critical business and research decisions. With Compustat Snapshot, researchers can conduct historical analysis and backtest investment theories, and minimize reporting lag assumptions and look-ahead bias.

“Advancing knowledge and helping clients quickly and easily get the data they need to make informed decisions is what we do,” said Robert Zarazowski, Senior Director of Wharton Research Data Services. “We are very pleased to be able to offer Snapshot in addition to our other key S&P Capital IQ datasets.”

S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot enables users to view data over time for historical perspective or related to a specific date for a “snapshot” in financial history. Combining powerful tools in data, analytics and search, WRDS and Compustat Snapshot are at the cutting edge of research and delivery.

“Having Compustat Snapshot available on WRDS will greatly enhance opportunities for researchers to expand upon and further refine their previously published historical research, and will additionally help open up new research opportunities,” said Andy Halula, Vice President – Client Development, S&P Capital IQ. “We are excited to be working with WRDS in bringing Compustat Snapshot to the research community.”

From client-centered research support to analytics and consulting services, WRDS is the global gold standard in data management and research, all backed by the credibility and leadership of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

About WRDS and the Wharton School
Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is the leading data research platform and business intelligence tool for over 30,000 corporate, academic, government and nonprofit clients in 31 countries. WRDS provides the user with one location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Finance, Marketing, and Economics. WRDS provides flexible data delivery options including a powerful web query method that reduces research time, and the WRDS Cloud for executing research and strategy development. Our Analytics team, doctoral-level support and rigorous data review and validation give clients the confidence to tailor research within complex databases and create a wide range of reliable data models including Portfolio Construction & Benchmarks, Event Studies, Returns and Market-to-Book Ratios and Momentum.

Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. With a broad global community and one of the most published business school faculties, Wharton creates ongoing economic and social value around the world. The School has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA and doctoral students; more than 9,000 annual participants in executive education programs; and a powerful alumni network of more than 92,000 graduates.

About S&P Capital IQ and Compustat
S&P Capital IQ, a business line of McGraw Hill Financial (NYSE:MHFI), is a leading provider of multi-asset class and real time data, research and analytics to institutional investors, investment and commercial banks, investment advisors and wealth managers, corporations and universities around the world. We provide a broad suite of capabilities designed to help track performance, generate alpha, and identify new trading and investment ideas, and perform risk analysis and mitigation strategies. Through leading desktop solutions such as the S&P Capital IQ, Global Credit Portal and MarketScope Advisor desktops; enterprise solutions such as S&P Capital IQ Valuations; and research offerings, including Leveraged Commentary & Data, Global Markets Intelligence, and company and funds research, S&P Capital IQ sharpens financial intelligence into the wisdom today’s investors need. For more information visit:

Academic and quantitative researchers, hedge funds, and investment professionals around the world use the unrivaled historical fundamental and market data of S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat for in-depth historical research and analysis. Standardized data ensures that you have consistent and comparable data across companies, industries and business cycles, and offers a solid foundation for your rigorous analysis

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