University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Current features WRDS

Wharton Research Data Services

By Lauren Hertzler
Wharton Research Data Services, or WRDS, an award-winning business intelligence tool, was created to support the Wharton School’s faculty —providing access to global financial databases through one platform. Several years later, the data research platform expanded its reach by offering its subscription-based service to other universities and agencies across the world.

WRDS provides the user with one location to access data across multiple disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and insurance. Its data is compiled from independent sources that specialize in specific historical data, such as CRSP, S&P Global Market Intelligence, the New York Stock Exchange, and Thomson Reuters.

In the December edition of By The Numbers, the Current takes a close look at WRDS.

1992 Year WRDS was created. It became an external service in 1997, with Stanford University as its first subscriber.

400+ Number of global subscribers; 390 are academic institutions and the rest are commercial and government entities.

49,000+ Users of the WRDS service, who submit about 4 million queries per year.

250+ Terabytes of data that are managed for researchers.

250+ Unique databases available to WRDS users. These databases are provided by 45 different data vendor partners, including FactSet, Markit, and RavenPack.

33 Countries where WRDS is present.

35+ Full-time staff members who work in sales, client support, research, data management, and quality control to keep WRDS up to date and working effectively.