WRDS announces the addition of Zacks Data

WRDS has added Zacks data to its already robust data offerings.

Zacks is pleased to provide all WRDS researchers with a free, one month trial subset of their data.

Trial Access Period: December 6, 2012 through January 6, 2013
Trial Coverage: Limited date range for 100 of the largest global companies.

Zacks data can be used to empirically analyze analysts’ forecasts and their revisions, price targets and recommendations (e.g., construct popular measures such as consensus forecast, earnings surprises, analyst track records).

U.S. and Canada

Data included in the full dataset:
•  Consensus and Details EPS (earning per share) and Long-Term Growth (LTG Estimates): from 1979
•  Actuals: from 1983
•  Quarterly EPS and LTG Estimates: from 1981
•  EPS Surprises: from 1994
•  Consensus and Details Recommendations: from 1982
•  Sales Surprise: from 2001
•  Sales Consensus: from 2000 Target
•  Target Price Consensus
•  EPS Pre-Announcements: from 1990

Subscription Fee


Distributed Annually

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Through January 13, 2013










Complete Database:

Includes all listed above
















For additional data information, please review the Zacks Frequently Asked Questions


Users of these datasets include:

Academic researchers

Investment managers

Hedge Funds

Investment bankers

Private Equity Firms


Research Analysts

Consultants and Advisors

Government Agencies

Corporate Investor Relations Professionals







For subscription information, please contact:

Ausra DiRaimondo
(312) 265-9214
[email protected]