Announcing the addition of FactSet Fundamentals data on WRDS

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), the leading comprehensive, internet-based data research service, is pleased to announce the addition of the FactSet Fundamentals dataset to its already robust data offerings. WRDS provides instant access to over 200 terabytes of data across Finance, Accounting and Economic disciplines, making it the gold standard for business intelligence for 30,000 users in 27 countries.

FactSet Fundamentals is a comprehensive global database, providing users with a firm foundation for financial analysis. Covering more than 67,000 global public and private companies encompassing the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

In April 2008, FactSet won the right to purchase a copy of the Thomson Worldscope Database. As of May 2010, FactSet Fundamentals has been solely collected by FactSet.  When first acquired from Thomson, Fundamentals data had over 43,000 companies and history back to 1980.  FactSet has added over 2,000 new dually listed securities and adding nearly 6,000 new securities to the database on a net basis.

–       Broad scope and deep history
–       Data offered on a standardized basis and on an as-reported basis
–       Choice of restated data (from 2004) and non-restated data
–       Extensive ratio data
–       Calendarized data

665 data items (including ratios) are available for each full annual in developed markets from the 1980s and emerging markets from the early 1990s. FactSet allows users to compare companies accurately; perform in-depth aggregate analysis; see current and historical breakdowns of a company’s geographic and business segments

Serving a broad constituency, FactSet users include academic researchers, investment managers, hedge funds, investment banks, private equity firms, traders, research analysts, consultants and advisors.

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