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WRDS Community offers the global network of WRDS users a place to share ideas, collaborate, find colleagues with similar interests, link to their publications on SSRN and discuss upcoming research trends. It’s designed to be an interactive knowledge exchange where you can share expertise, network with other top-level financial data researchers and learn from peers.
How do I get started? 
WRDS Community is simple to use. Fill out your profile and add a photo of yourself so colleagues will recognize you at conferences. Let people know how they can reach you outside of the community and the name of the institution you’re affiliated with. You can also link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and filter who has access to them to build a more robust network.
Tell us about your research.
As a professional community of researchers it’s the place to showcase what you do and what motivates you (unlike Facebook, people here actually want to know about your code writing skills). Share your research interests and import all your publications from SSRN into your profile — this is the space to showcase your contributions to the field.
Add your unique voice to the mix… start a conversation.
Conversations are the heart of the WRDS Community — from friendly exchanges to debates about whether financial markets can function effectively without short selling.
• Show off your SAS code writing prowess and share sample code with others.
• Start a new Conversation topic in the WRDS Community, enter a short description in the description box
   and then paste your programming code into the body of the message.
• Typing the word SAS in square brackets [SAS] before the programming code will color code it. Others can
   comment on it, try it out, add their feedback or their own code.
• You can also post questions and let other members of the community offer answers.
You make the WRDS Community smart, interactive and dynamic. It’s been created for you.


Performing complex research doesn’t have to be complicated for you. WRDS offers Research Applications, Macros, Sample Programs, and Documentation to help you succeed, regardless of your experience or the difficulty of your research projects. We have roughly 300 tools available to help you complete your research faster, with the most accurate results.
If you have comments, questions, suggestions or any other kinds of feedback, let us hear it.
Research Applications
WRDS replicates commonly cited algorithms that cover a variety of topics – portfolio construction, earnings surprise calculations, institutional ownership ratios to derive NBBO’s, and more.
Research Macros
Take advantage of the same standard SAS routines used by finance and accounting researchers to perform common empirical procedures. WRDS Research Macros include tools and utilities commonly used for cleaning and manipulating datasets for analysis.
• Winsorizing outliers.
• Populating sample from one frequency to another.
• Merging CRSP stock and event data.
• Quarterizing Compustat year-to-date values.
• Calculating dummies.
• Industry classifications, and more.
Research Guides, Overviews, Sample Programs 
Explore relevant academic literature and data sources for a specific topic such as international accounting data, closed-end funds, IPO, analyst data, SEC filings and reporting requirements. Our Data Overviews provide in-depth information about each database’s area of coverage, item definitions and structure. Our sample programs provide an introduction to data extraction methods.
SAS Notes
Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in SAS programming and get tips and tricks for getting the most out of your data from the WRDS team.


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