Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) Academic researchers have made extensive use of IRI gathered point-of-sale information from more than 11,300 grocery stores, as well as some 7,500 drug stores.

The Marketing Fact Book contains data on grocery store purchases from a representative sample of static qualifying U.S. panelist households to help make intelligent inferences for strategic planning and decision making. These purchases are continuously tracked across all UPC-coded brand-items in all categories.

    Key Applications:

    • Periodic assessment of key consumer dynamics (scorecards).
    • Monitor changes in the marketplace.
    • Track the success of marketing tactics and strategies.
    • Cross-category benchmarking.
    • Assess category performance between time periods.
    • Key Measures:

      • Category Volume Share
      • Type Volume Share
      • Penetration
      • Volume per Purchase
      • Purchases per Buyer
      • Purchase Cycle
      • Share of Requirements (Loyalty)
      • Price per Volume
      • %Volume Any Trade Deal
      • % Volume Feature
      • % Volume Display
      • % Volume Price Reduction
      • % Volume Manufacturer Coupon
      • Average % Off On Price Deals

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