Cortellis Life Sciences Healthcare Data

Enable impactful research with the world’s most comprehensive suite of Life Sciences data

INVESTIGATIONAL DRUGS DATA Investigational Drugs comprises key competitive intelligence information on 67,700 + drugs, 53,300+ deals, 152,600+ companies & 158+ diseases.
• Research backgrounds for key diseases with profiles of key targets and supporting bibliographic references

PATENTS DATA View the 99 structures per patent from Derwent World Patents Index for 6+ million patents in over 3.1 million patent families.
Data is sourced from WIPO (PCT), Wila (EP, US), Derwent Innovation (INPADOC), SPCs, Electronic Orange Book, patent office websites.
• Identify which companies are active in a particular therapeutic area

REGULATORY DATA Access regulatory reference documents, summaries of procedures and reports from 200+ sources and 80 regulatory authorities across the world.
• Track changes and compare requirements and procedures across regulatory authorities

EPIDEMIOLOGY DATA View 4,500+ diseases, procedures, symptoms and other health
• Research the Incidence and Prevalence Database (IPD) to analyze the world’s epidemiology data, including incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, etc.

CLINICAL Access summaries of more than 2,200,000 selected journal articles from 1964 to date.
• Expertly curated global clinical trials information covering all Indications including drugs, biologics, devices and biomarkers, curated by experienced industry analysts.

NEWS Gain insightful, news coverage of the biopharma sector.
• Analyze therapeutic product development from early to late stage — accessing corporate financings, both public and private

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