Additional Datasets and Analytics


2IQ provides the most accurate global insider trading data Use the predictive power of insider transaction for your investment research. WHY INSIDER/DIRECTOR TRANSACTION DATA? •Full global coverage •Categorize significance of trades and level of Insider •Link to the original filing •Transaction labels (capturing footnotes and events) •Validate Insider positions and relationships to reporting entity Learn More   For pricing information please contact: WRDS Email: Read More

American Hospital Association

Data collected by the American Hospital Association represents the single best source for credible, consistent information about the nation’s hospitals. AHA Data provides easy, streamlined access to multiple data sets that cover demographic, operational, financial and IT characteristics of the nation’s hospitals. Data Available AHA Annual Survey Database (ASDBs) AHA Annual Survey Databases (ASDB) with Financial Data (CMS-HCRIS ...Read More


Access extensive data on the boards of publicly listed and notable private companies in all regions of the world WHY BOARDEX? › Access educational background, prior employment, and connections of directors and executives › Analyze proportion of politically connected directors, using CEO-level controls such as age, gender, and experience › Extract executive stock option holdings Learn More For pricing information please contact: ...Read More

Bureau van Dijk (BvD)

Bureau van Dijk (BvD) is widely recognized as a specialist provider of both public and hard to reach private company information within the academic community. WRDS currently provides users with the following company information databases: Amadeus - European public and private company information Orbis Bank Focus - Detailed information on…Read More Read More


RESEARCH FINANCIAL & ACCOUNTING DATA LIKE NEVER BEFORE WRDS has partnered with Calcbench to create original datasets derived from the footnotes of SEC filings. Access data parsed out of the footnotes of SEC filings—fully harness the power of the new government mandated data standard XBRL, yielding an unprecedented direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository. All data points can ...Read More


comScore offer Web-wide visitation and transaction behavior based on a random sample from a cross-section of more than 2 million Internet users in the United States who have given comScore explicit permission to confidentially capture their Web-wide activity. Includes panelist-level browsing and buying behavior from tens of thousands of Internet…Read More Read More

The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)

The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) maintains the most comprehensive collection of security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets. Additional CRSP files provide stock indices, beta-based and cap-based portfolios, treasury bond and risk-free rates, mutual funds, and real estate data. US…Read More Read More


The China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR) Database offer data on the China stock markets and the financial statements of China's listed companies. Learn More For pricing information please contact: Tracy Wu Phone: 86-755-83948063 Email: tracy.wu@gtafe.comRead More


CUSIP is operated by Standard & Poor's for the American Bankers Association, exists for the primary purpose of uniquely identifying issuers and issues of financial instruments within a standard framework, and disseminating this data to the financial marketplace via various media. Learn More For pricing information please contact: Email: CGS_License@cusip.comRead More

ETF Global

Exchange-traded funds — pursue return, manage risk, utilize investment analysis, and generate investment ideas on over 1900 U.S. listed products. Learn More For pricing information please contact: Phone: 212 223-ETFG ( 3834) Email: support@etfg.comRead More


Access Eurekahedge’s suite of 26,000 interactive hedge funds and 200+ alternative fund indices.   For pricing information please contact: Eurekahedge Email: US & Europe: +1 646 380 1932 | Asia: +65 6212 0925 Read More


Eventus performs event studies using data read directly from CRSP stock databases or pre-extracted from any source. The Eventus system includes utility programs to convert calendar dates to CRSP trading day numbers, convert CUSIP identifiers to CRSP permanent identification numbers, and extract event study cumulative or compounded abnormal returns for cross-sectional analysis. Learn More For pricing information ...Read More


FactSet is a leading provider of financial data for investment management and investment banking professionals around the globe. FactSet’s business is built on the creative use of technology and an unwavering dedication to client service. FactSet Ownership: Considered the market standard, FactSet Ownership provides global institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and…Read More Read More

GMI Ratings

This corporate governance historical dataset (formerly GMI Ratings) is updated annually and contains approximately 225 unique data points organized into four primary categories (1. Companies; 2. Directors; 3. CEO Compensation; 4. Takeover defenses) for approximately 3,000 US companies. The dataset is updated annually and dates back to 2001.   Here…Read More Read More


GOVPX ICAP Information Services (IIS) is the market data division within interdealer broker ICAP. All GovPX branded services are distributed thru ICAP Information Services in real-time, End-of-Day and historical format. Learn More For pricing information please contact: icapinformationservices@icap.comRead More


Thomson Reuters (formerly GSI Online) is an award-winning specialty provider of public-record business transaction information to law and accounting firms, investment banks, corporations and the business press. By specializing within the securities information sector, GSI offers unmatched breadth, accuracy and currency of relevant information. Thomson Reuters databases deliver real-time access to comprehensive securities and financial ...Read More

Hedge Fund Research, Inc. (HFR)

Hedge Fund Research, Inc. (HFR) is the global leader in the alternative investment industry. Established in 1992, HFR specializes in the areas of indexation and analysis of hedge funds. HFR Database, the most comprehensive resource available for hedge fund investors, includes fund-level detail on historical performance and assets, as well…Read More Read More

IHS Global Insight

IHS Global Insight offers the most comprehensive economic coverage of countries, regions and industries available from any source. Their collection of U.S. and international financial, economic and industry data is complimented by more than 225 analysts, researchers and economists whose expertise covers over 120 industries and 200 countries. Learn More…Read More Read More


With Infogroup, you have the data to research and analyze community growth and market trends. Residential Historical Data • Analyze community growth and general population differences • Access household income, home value, years in residence and location • Expose shifts in overall household economic levels Historic Business Data • Analyze market trends, economic growth, or specific industries • Access categories including Company ...Read More

Institute for the Study of Security Markets (ISSM)

The Institute for the Study of Security Markets (ISSM) database contains tick-by-tick data covering the NYSE and AMEX between 1983 and 1992, and NASDAQ between 1987 and 1992. Each year of data is divided into two files, one for trades and one for quotes. Learn More For pricing information please contact: Bob Wood Phone: 801-796-6401 Cell: 801-380-7338 Email: Read More

ISS (formerly RiskMetrics)

ISS’ special focus and commitment to meeting the needs of academics involves several key governance datasets, proprietary analytics, and expertise to help uncover risks and understand the key issues in the areas of board, audit, compensation, shareholder rights, and more. Access Historical Governance, Historical Directors data, Voting Results data, Voting Analytics with N-PX data, and Shareholder ...Read More

IVES Audit Analytics and OIA (Other Independent Audits)

Audit Analytics is a premium company intelligence service providing independent research to the investment, accounting, insurance, legal, regulatory and academic communities. Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 150,000 active audits and more than 10,000 accounting firms. Access to the Audit Analytics data is available via an online user subscription,…Read More Read More

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. (KLD)

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. (KLD) is the leading authority on social research for institutional investors. To meet the needs of social investors, KLD provides research, benchmarks, compliance, and consulting services analogous to those provided by financial research service firms. Learn More For pricing information please contact: MSCI ESG Research…Read More Read More

Levin Associates Health Care M&A

Access the most comprehensive data source devoted to health care and senior care M&A Gauge developments in every key segment of the health care service and technology markets. • Extract key financial indicators and senior care acquisitions • Target company, price, revenue, net income • Track mergers, acquisitions, equity & debt financings, bankruptcies and corporate shake-ups in the senior ...Read More


Markit Securities Finance Data Gain insight into the market of security lending — valuable tool for understanding market efficiency and limits to arbitrage Markit Credit Indices data Global credit default swap indices covering loans, corporate, municipal and sovereign debt across Europe, Asia, North America and Emerging Markets Markit CDS data…Read More Read More

Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD)

Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) for academia is a comprehensive database of publicly offered U.S. bonds. FISD contains issue details on over 140,000 corporate, corporate MTN (medium term note), supranational, U.S. Agency, and U.S. Treasury debt securities and includes more than 550 data items. FISD provides details on debt…Read More Read More

Mutual Fund Links (MFLINKS)

MFLINKS has been developed with Professor Russ Wermers (University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business) as a contributor and ongoing consultant to the project. A good example of how MFLINKS can be used is his article, "Mutual Fund Performance: An Empirical Decomposition into Stock-Picking Talent, Style, Transactions Costs,…Read More Read More

Nasdaq Trade and Quote (NASTRAQ)

Nasdaq Trade and Quote (NASDAQ) database provides intraday trades and quotes for all Nasdaq stocks. Learn More For pricing information please contact: Frank Hatheway Phone: 301-978-8220 Email: Sharrion White Phone: 301-978-8231 Email: sharrion.white@nasdaqomx.comRead More

NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ)

NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ) database contains intraday transactions data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) and SmallCap issues. Learn More For pricing information please contact: NYSE Product Management…Read More Read More


OptionMetrics is the premier provider of historical options data for use in empirical research and econometric studies.  Quantitative researchers and financial professionals leverage OptionMetrics data for purposes such as analyzing market movement before mergers and acquisitions; exploring the relationship between option prices and daily stock return serial correlation; and investigating possible cases of insider trading. OptionMetrics’ ...Read More

Pacific-Basin Capital Markets

The Pacific-Basin Capital Markets Research Center creates, maintains, and distributes comprehensive, computerized databases which track capital markets data for eight Pacific-Basin countries on a continuous and systematic basis. PACAP Databases contain extensive information on all listed companies from each country's major stock exchange including: daily security prices and returns, capital…Read More Read More


  Enhance quantitative research with data derived from traditional and social media. RavenPack analyzes the unstructured content from thousands of publications to extract information on named entities and financially relevant events in the public eye. Enhance quantitative research with data derived from traditional and social media. RavenPack analyzes unstructured content…Read More Read More


Access the most comprehensive database on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. For additional information, please contact WHY DOES ESG DATA MATTER? Environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues—environmental degradation, child labor, corruption, etc.—can translate into reputational, compliance and financial risks. The management of ESG issues is directly linked to a company’s operational excellence and its social license to ...Read More

S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence, formerly S&P Capital IQ and SNL Financial, is a division of S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI). The firm is a leading provider of financial and industry data, research, news and analytics to investment professionals, government agencies, corporations, and universities worldwide. S&P Global Market Intelligence integrates news, comprehensive market…Read More Read More

SK&A Healthcare data

Physicians reference data — understand trends in physicians’ practice environment. • Access doctor and practice specialties, including independent and hospital- affiliated practices • Utilize NPI as an identifier for linking • Track Hospital affiliations and ownership • Identify electronic medical record (EMR) usage • Review news reports of merger and acquisition activity Learn More HERE >>   For pricing information please contact: SK&A | ...Read More


Company environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. Learn More>> For pricing information please contact: WRDS Read More

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets, powered by the world's most…Read More Read More

WRDS SEC Analytics Suite

WRDS SEC Analytics Suite with NEW SEC Sentiment data is positioned for broad business usage – from due diligence and forensic accounting to disclosure research and investment management. Simplify research—quickly and easily develop tailored datasets from all SEC filings, parsing millions of regulatory reports based on custom criteria.  The ready-to-use…Read More Read More


Zacks Investment Research, based in Chicago, IL., has been a leading provider of research, market data and quantitative models to institutional investment management firms in the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years. Recognized for quality, consistency and reliability, Zacks provides institutional and individual investors with the analytical tools and…Read More Read More